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Foods During Chinese New Year


Five lucky foods people should eat during Chinese New Year


Most Asian people celebrate Chinese new year and Cambodia also one of the country that celebrate Chinese new year since in Cambodia, there are a lot of people who are half-blood of chinese and some are chinese who come to do business in Cambodia. During Chinese New Year, we can see that every house is decorated by red stickers and especially wearing red is considered to bring good luck on Chinese New Year Day. More than that, Chinese people make a lot of foods to celebrate Chinese New Year because they believe that it will bring them luck and prosperity and they want to dedicate these foods their ancestors. Here are 5 common foods that people eat during Chinese New Year to bring them luck:



Dumplings are one of the most popular food that people make during Chinese New Year. It is believed that eating dumpling bring them more money and prosperity in their family if they eat it altogether. More than that different dumpling filling have different meaning. On Chinese New Year , people like eating dumplings that are filled with cabbage and radish that represents one's skin will become fair and one's mood will become gentle.

Spring rolls:

spring rolls

spring rolls are usually eaten during the Spring Festival. Moreover, people also cook spring rolls on Chinese New Year because they believe that it will bring them luck. Spring rolls are filled with vegetables, meat or something sweet. Plus, it has a golden-yellow color. They usually make it at home and eat together with family at dining table on New Year Day.

Sweet Rice Balls:

sweet rice ball

People usually eat sweet rice balls on Lantern Festival and they also make it on Chinese New Year. It is also believed to bring family together when they eat it. Moreover, the round shape of sweet rice balls are associated with reunion and being together. So you will see people eat sweet rice balls a lot on Chinese New Year day.



Chinese New Year is not meaningful if they don't eat noodles. Noodles are also eaten for everyday food for chinese people. Noodles represents happiness and longevity. The length of noodles symbolize the eater's life.