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Why Parents Should Eat With Children


5 reasons parents should spend time eating with children


How much time do you spend with your children? Do you have good relationship with your children? For some parents , they are so busy that they cannot find time to spend with their children and they always leave their children to eat alone or with others. It is a fact that parents try their best to make money to provide their children the best things as they can and they want their children to live a comfortable life. However, do they ever think of their children feeling? While they are making a lot of money, their children are isolated from them and their relationship become weaker and weaker. So it is not too late to spend time with your children especially spend time eating with children. Here are 5 reasons that parents should spend time eating with children:

Build stronger relationship with them:


At dining table, parents and children are sitting around the table as a family and they can enjoy the meal together. At the same time their relationships become closer and closer because at dining table they can share many things that have happened to them during the day. If they don't spend time to eat together , it means they miss one part of the activity that family should do and they do not know what has happened in the family.

Children have good health:

mom and son

when parents spend time eating with children, they will know if their children eat enough or not. Moreover,they will know what type of foods their children eat and they also if their children eat vegetable and fruits or not. While they are eating together, they can suggest their children to eat both vegetable and meat and their children will likely to eat if their parents talk to them in a gentle way.

Develop children communications:


when parents spend time eating with children, they will allow more time for their children to talk and share their ideas. Parents can ask their children of what they think of the food. At the same time, children will have a chance to talk about their school works or their friends to their parents. Doing like this , children will develop their communication with their parents naturally.

Bring happiness in family:


Children are much happier when they eat with their parents. So you should spend time eating dinner with your family for the sake of your children because children they need a lot emotional support from you and during dinner time, they can share with you their problems at schools. Moreover, children are tend to be more strong and have good mental health when their parents eat with them.