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Why Fathers Should Stay With Kids

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Why fathers should spend time with their kids?


The more time you spend with your children , the better that your kids will grow up. As parents, both mothers and fathers have responsibility to raise their children. However, some might misunderstanding when hear that fathers look after the children because the mothers are the one who is likely to spend more time with kids and look after the kids. However, this is a wrong idea because as parents, fathers should spend more time with their kids and stay with their kids more in order to build their relationship to become stronger. Here are four important reasons why fathers should spend time with their kids:

Develop kids' self-esteem:

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when fathers spend more time with their kids, it will allow the kids to know that they are important and they are loved by their fathers. The child will develop a sense of independence because they are encouraged to talk and share their ideas with their fathers. Moreover, fathers are the people that their kids respected the most so if they can spend time with them , they will cherish the time and appreciate their fathers more.

Help children to solve their problems:

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as parents , we all want to help to solve our children difficulties. We all want them to be accepted by their peers and by the society. So when fathers spend more time with children , it is the best time that kids can tell their father what have happened to them and fathers can give their children advices and suggestions.

Have more influence on kids:

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the older kids becomes, the more they are likely to adopt their peer group's frame of reference. But the closer the relationship you have with your kids, the kids still adapt your behaviour and follow you. You will, therefore, be in an advantageous position to instill your positive values and increase the likelihood that they will be accepted. The more love and respect your child has for you, the more likely it is that he will incorporate his sense of you in himself.

Help kids to feel secure:

father and son

when fathers stay with their kids more, it will make children feel warm and they will know that they are safe. Kids who are isolated without parents caring, children will feel insecure and they are lonely. They will lack of self-esteem and they do not know who they will ask for help if they face problems. So try to get attach with your kids as much as possible to make them feel that they are valued and they are at the right place.